Robin's Website


These pages, in time, will be covering a range of subjects. Initially, some of them still relate in part to the theme of travel. However, as time goes on and new pages are added, other topics will appear.


Letter Writing

Just some information regarding some of my published stuff


VSDC Free Video Editor

Just some personal notes on how to create a basic video from separate clips using this versatile software package (self-taught quality!)



My area of interest here is modernist/post-modern buildings with different forms


Frank Lloyd Wright

A look at some buildings by one of the website author's favourite architects


Wood Sculptures

Just rather nice to look at


Communication Towers

Some I have been up, why I like them and what the views look like


Lowestoft Scores

My attempt at a bit of history writing from a visit to the town


To the Roof of Europe

A journal documenting a trip to the North Cape of Norway

  Stalinist Architecture

No political motivation - just a style that has fascinated me


A look at some Lego models from days gone by (5 pages, link is to Page 1)


Lego MOCs

A look at some Lego MOCs (My Own Creations), all created digitally


Star Wars

Some 80's Nostalgia for those inclined


Virtual Souvenir Gallery

Because there is no space left


Book Inventory

Personal resource helpful for referencing - Password Protected


Map and Atlas Inventory

Personal resource for planning or just plain armchair travelling - Password Protected



Travel Journals from 1983 - 1992 (When I was a child) - Pages Protected


Robin’s Excel Page

Just some personal tips and tricks


Delorme Hidden Symbols

An obsession with finding hidden symbols in American road atlases



A "Digital Scrapbook" containing old photos, tickets, and the like - Pages Protected