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Page 1: Figures

The figures were collected during the period c. 1982-1985. Many of the 'newer' ones around the time of the release of Return of the Jedi (1983) were bought from the shops and still have their accessories. Alas, the packaging for the figures has been lost. Some packaging was destroyed at the time as they had to be cut up and sent off in order to obtain two of the figures (The Emperor & Nien Nunb) which were not available in the shops. Many of the older figures (Pre-Empire Strikes Back) came from buying second hand and swapping spare Emperors and Nien Nunbs and hence lack accessories. Towards the end of the 'product life-cycle' in the mid 80's, several new figures were released and due to the short period of their appearance in the shops are much harder to come by. No further collecting took place with the release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999). Photo gallery below; captions below each photo when enlarged.

When collecting of the figures began, just before the release of Return of the Jedi, there were 45 figures, as per the left hand photo below. This photo is taken from one of a few posters I kept (see page 5). Later on, with the release of Return of the Jedi, some figures were made obsolete, whereas new ones were added to the range (right hand photo below, taken from the back of one of the figure packets). Below these photos are a near as possible arrangement of my figures mimicking those as advertised. Though not quite accurate, the photos give a clearer idea as to how many have their weapons/accessories.

The last 15 figures of the era to be released, as previously mentioned, were available in the shops for a relatively short period. All of these are complete with weapons and accessories, where applicable. Thus, as is the case with the thumbnail gallery further up the page, the photo below places all of the figures in this collection in a general chronological order*:

* There are some anomalies regarding Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2) and a former See-Threepio (C-3PO), the latter having a very early version with non-detachable limbs - I may have previously owned one of these which wasn't meant to come apart, although do not have one in this collection. This may possibly be why amongst my spares and broken bits, there is a C-3PO leg with the rest of the droid unaccounted for. A note on R2-D2: There are two in my collection, an earlier one with a Sensorscope/Periscope and the later and rarer one which was brought out with a Pop Up (and removable) Lightsaber. These are shown below alongside some other photos illustrating a selection of figure details, including the Fx-7 (Medical Droid) with its arms out (Just typing that makes me feel far too geeky for my own skin) :

Further photos are available showing the sides and backs of the figures, as are higher resolution images. Anyway, now on to a few larger figures (Jabba the Hutt will make an appearance on a later page).

Hoth Wampa - The Hoth Wampa, also known simply as a Wampa is from the planet, erm, Hoth. This large figure was sold separately and from 1982. Shown below, the figure is in excellent condition with arms that stretch outwards and move back in a spring-like fashion. All that remains of the box is a cut-out. I have included a photo of it with an Imperial Stormtrooper in Hoth Battle Gear, for size comparison:

Sy Snootles and the Rebo Band - Although the web pages that follow roughly correlate to the first three Star Wars films in chronological order, it seemed natural to include this three-figure pack here. The Max Rebo Band are a pop music band that appeared in Return of the Jedi and although this set was released in 1983, was purchased fairly late relative to the collecting period mentioned above. Consequently, the figures (pictured below) are in excellent condition and complete with accessories (no box). For the record, the band line-up is as follows: Max Rebo (Keyboard), Droopy McCool (Woodwind) and Sy Snootles (Vocals).

The following pages include spaceships and all terrain vehicles and stuff....

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