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Book Inventory

Some notes on this webpage: The books are sorted into categories which are each accessed by clicking on the tabs at the bottom of the table. Categories are labelled by an abbreviation, as defined below the table and their names are not generic; they are specific to this inventory. Where both a 13- and a 10- digit ISBN number was given on the original book, the newer 13-digit number was used. Row sorting depends upon category: For example, fiction books are by author; travel guides are by title.
Where books fall into more than one category, they remain listed once only, in the one deemed most relevant. Although this is a matter of subjectivity, a single listing for each title remained within the objectives for generating this inventory.

    ISBN  Title Author (or Publisher)   Cover   Loc.  

AA         Art & Architecture Geo      Geographical Stuff/Places/Cultures PS        Physical Sciences TG        Travel Guides
Bio        Biography His        History Ref       Reference TSG      Souvenir Guides
Com      Computing Lan       Language & Non-English SPR      Social/Philosophy/Religion WB       Self Help and Wellbeing
Fic         Fiction LS         Life Sciences and Natural History TW       Travel Writing NC        Not Classified

PB = Paperback, HB = Hardback, Spi = Spiralbound, CD = Audio CD, CS = Audio Cassette Tape, LT and CR refer to location and are for personal use.
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