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Tbilisi TV Broadcasting Tower


Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia 


274.5 m (900.6 ft)




Not Determined/Soviet Era

Notes on Visit: 

Took a Funicular Railway up to Mtatsminda Park where on exiting the upper station, you find yourself very near the base of the tower. Did not go up the tower as not open to the general public. However, further up the hill is a large Ferris Wheel which means unlike many other broadcasting towers, it is possible to get a panoramic view from another vantage point well above ground level. Because the TV tower is already up a large hill and with the Ferris Wheel ride on top of that, it was possible to get a very good idea as to what the view from the tower itself must be like. An older tower stood here which was built in 1955 and subsequently moved to the vicinity of another city (Gori). In 2008, a new lighting installation was fitted to the tower. It was designed by Philippe Martineau (who also designed the lighting for The Bridge of Peace in the city) and tells the time for the residents of the capital city through six different lighting effects between 7pm and midnight. The TV tower is clearly visible from all over the city and could be seen at night time from our hotel located on the opposite bank of the river, some distance away. The first photo below shows a view of the city from near the base of the tower.

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