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Gärdet, Stockholm, Sweden


170 m (560 ft) (With Antenna)


1963 - 1967 


Hans Borgström/Bengt Lindroos 

Notes on Visit: 

With no car, this was a bit of a trek from the city centre and so certainly not a place to get a good birdseye view of it (the best option for this I found was to climb the steps of the City Hall). Away from the city, there is a great view to the east of the Stockholm archipelago, the second-largest archipelago in the Baltic Sea. If you like trees, then there are lots of them to see from the observation deck. If you don't like trees, Sweden was probably a bad choice of destination in the first place. I do indeed suspect the website for Kaknästornet is somewhat misleading as the photos appear to be taken some distance from the tower with a high zoom, to give the effect of it appearing closer to the city centre as one might find once there. Anyway, I have little of interest to say about the Kaknästornet. Not in my opinion as good as the the ABBA exhibition closer to town.

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