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Liberation Tower (or Kuwait Telecommunications Tower)


Kuwait City, Kuwait


372 m (1220 ft)


1987 - 1993 (with interruption during Iraqi Occupation)


Not Determined

Notes on Visit: 

At the time of writing (December 2019), the second tallest tower in Kuwait, after the 414 m (1,358 ft) Al Hamra Tower, and billed as the fifth tallest telecommunications tower in the world. The visit, during the aforementioned month, involved walking up to near the base of the tower. Whilst the tower includes a revolving restaurant and a revolving observation platform, it was not possible to go up it; due to security reasons, the tower is open for the public only in the morning of Kuwait’s Liberation Day (7am to 12 noon, 26th February).

The tower is a vertical cantilever structure, constructed using prestressed concrete with ceramic tile cladding on the façade from base to first mezzanine level. It includes three working areas - a public communications centre, the observation/restaurant area, and the adjacent plant and equipment structure. The revolving mezzanine level contains six floors above the observation deck which contain a number of government offices and the tower has 18 high-speed lifts/elevators.

Construction of the tower commenced in 1987, but work on the half-completed construction was halted when Iraq invaded Kuwait in August 1990. Unlike the Avala Tower in Serbia featured on the previous page (Link Here), which was completely destroyed as a result of military conflict, the Liberation Tower was, against all odds, undamaged. After the Iraqi withdrawal of troops on 26th February 1991, construction of the tower recommenced and it was eventually completed in 1993. Becoming Kuwait's striking symbol of freedom, it was thus named the “Liberation Tower” and officially unveiled by the late Kuwaiti Amir, Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah on 10th March 1996.

n.b. although it was not possible to ascend the tower for panoramic views of the city, a visit was made to the famous Kuwait Towers (part of a system of water towers in the city), where a rotating observation deck was visited and this is documented on the “Kuwait” page in the Travel section of this website.


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