Mariners Score


This score is one of the most delightful ones to walk up. Historically, there was a Samuel Mariner and a Mariner's Inn. It was previously called Swans Score after a Swan Inn, which stood at the top on the High Street and was where Oliver Cromwell stayed during his visit to Lowestoft (see Rant Score page). Access to steps at the top end is through a beautifully preserved pointed archway through which can be seen a wonderful view of the sea over the trees. Although wall broken in parts and some overgrown vegetation to the side, there is a charming character whilst walking along the steps. It is rather upsetting though to see an apparently poorly thought out imposing modern sign for 'resident parking only' bolted on the wall next to the arch. It spoils the whole enjoyment of it - the aforementioned sign has been cropped out of the last photo below.