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Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo is a city in the North of Bulgaria and the administrative centre of a province bearing it's name. It is situated in the valley of the river Yantra and is 241 km from the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. It is one of the oldest towns in Bulgaria - archaeological excavations have shown remains there dating from over 5000 years ago.

It is known as the historical capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire and often referred to as the "City of the Tsars". The old part of the city is situated on the three hills Tsarevets, Trapezitsa, and Sveta Gora, rising above the winding river valley. The most popular attraction for visitors is the historic medieval hill fortress of Tsarevets which held the capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire. As well as holding an unconquerable Bulgarian fortress, Veliko Tarnovo was once the cultural and intellectual centre of the country.

The town and its area are known for a rich array of ancient churches, fortresses and palaces. Sites include Roman, Medieval and renaissance structures and a description is beyond the scope of this page; some links are provided below my photos. Hasten to add, it comes as no surprise that Veliko Tarnovo is preparing its candidacy for the UNESCO World Heritage List.*

The town can attract between 450,000 and nearly one million visitors annually, depending on which website you are reading.

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*Source: Sofia News Agency, April 2014

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