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To the Roof of Europe

We were lucky with the weather, as the sky was perfectly clear and sometimes visitors can get caught out by heavy fog, thus completely ruining the whole experience. After looking around the various, largely historical exhibits and watching a video in a specially built auditorium, we had a final look out to see the sun over the sea and then drove back down the road from the North Cape. It was about 1am and we saw a large herd of reindeer crossing the road and walking down to a lake for a drink. At this point, we wondered what the difference between a moose (or as called in Europe, the common European Elk) and a reindeer is. In short, apart from variations in antler morphology and a few different genes, moose are the largest extant species in the deer family, thus larger than reindeer. In addition, moose are generally solitary, whilst reindeer tend to group together sometimes forming large herds.

Not content with going straight back to the campsite, my brother turned off the road to a village called Skarsvåg. Near the village you can visit Kirkeporten, a natural rock arch. Through the arch you can see the Horn of North Cape (Nordkapphornet). I thought it sounded worth a visit, but was completely unaware it meant walking up and down 2 big bloody hills. So, there I was at 2am in broad daylight up a sodding hill. I was completely exhausted. Looking back during the walk up the steep zigzag path, one could see a large cruise ship anchored in the sheltered Risfjorden – a tiny fjord by Norwegian standards.

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