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LEGO® MOC - Orienteering

The images on this webpage are from a recent MOC (My Own Creation) idea for a LEGO model, built using the free Lego Digital Designer software and (partially) rendered with assistance from the free BrickLink Studio software.
It was created for an entry into a LEGO IDEAS competition called “WE LOVE SPORTS!”, which was launched in late December, 2020. The Text below was used in supporting the submitted images:

“Orienteering is a sport that requires navigational skills using a map and compass to navigate against the clock from point to point in diverse and usually unfamiliar terrain. It is included in the programs of world sporting events including the World Games.
There are different variations of this lesser-known sport, which began in the late 19th century in Sweden. Its popularity has since spread and there are now over 70 national orienteering federations, as recognised by the international orienteering federation, the governing body of the sport of orienteering.
This model shows a scene from an orienteering event. It is set on a 32x32 stud baseplate and two control points are shown in their characteristic style of two triangles in white and red. There are four minifigures shown here taking part in a competition.”

© December, 2020

Addendum, February 2021

The model was extended at a later date, just for fun, to include a river, bridge, start/finish area, refreshments area and a third control point:

© February 2021

Note that the model design shown here, in its entirety or in part, is copyrighted and therefore no permission is granted to reproduce it for commercial or any other purposes(s).

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