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The images on this webpage are from a recent MOC (My Own Creation) idea for a LEGO model, built using the free Lego Digital Designer software.

This MOC, “The Hidden Settlement” is based on an imaginary community living inside a steep-sided butte and intended as a playset. Unlike some of the other ideas seen on this website (in stuff\lego_mocs\), this model was not submitted to the Lego Ideas Website, where proposed ideas for Lego sets can be voted for and potentially become real sets if popular enough. The reason for non-submission in this case, was because the piece count came to 3,326 and the maximum number accepted for submission is 3,000 pieces. In total, the model includes 9 Lego Minifigures (and one hidden ghost figure), as well as numerous animal figures.

Overview of Model

From the outside, the Hidden Settlement appears in the form of a steep-sided rocky butte, covered in vegetation, with a small ape colony living at the top.  To one side of the butte, a river can be seen flowing through a dark tunnel. Some may say the exterior looks irregular and disorganised, but that is the point – some of the rock-face construction is randomised and the overall appearance is meant to look organic in nature:

The entrance to the Hidden Settlement is, as one might expect, concealed. Perhaps better in green, it has been coloured in brown to make it easier for the human to find! Beware, though… there are two such entrances and one of these is false, containing a little surprise for the would-be invader in the form of a dragon:


The actual entrance, marked with a tick, above, leads into a dimly lit corridor. Inside, a left turn, followed by a staircase to the right, leads into a camouflaged outer defensive passageway on the left. At the end of this up some small steps and again, to the left, are some double doors – the final defensive barrier to access the hidden settlement, as seen in this cross-section, below:

Once through the double doors and now inside the Hidden Settlement, the steps go either straight on, or to the left. Straight on and on the right may be found the blacksmiths (not shown, but for easy access, the blacksmiths may be swung open outwards from the model on hinges):

Also, straight on up the steps after the double doors and opposite the blacksmiths, there is an outside entrance to the Guarded Inn. The Inn here is a tribute to Lego set 6067 (from 1986) and although much modified, it has some fundamental features replicated and recoloured where necessary:

Going up steps to the left after the double doors, leads through a defensive passageway adjacent to and semi-amalgamated with the main interior of the Guarded Inn. Below, is a view of the interior of the Guarded Inn and defensive passageway, as seen looking back towards the outside entrance door of the Inn:

The passageway adjacent to the Guarded Inn leads through to a green outside area. The first feature of this area on the left is the Well:

Next on the left, a ladder leads down into the armoury / arsenal:

And then, to the right is a formal garden, known as the “Lost Gardens of Helego”:

At the far end of the formal garden, a caged door, known as a “yett”, remains locked most of the time. This is because on the other side of it is the “death slide”, used for unwelcomed guests. With nothing to hold onto, and only gravity playing a role, anyone placed in here will rapidly pass the floor below and fall through the roof of the dragon’s cave. Nobody going down here has been seen again (!):

The formal garden contains a hidden secret, which only few know about. For here, moving two of the ornamental plinths apart, unlocks a hidden trap door. Below the trap door, steps lead down into the Hidden Settlement’s Treasury:

The Treasury contains all of the Hidden Settlement’s most valuable assets, sometimes only rumoured to exist by some, including the crown of King Arthur of Legolot:

At the other end of the formal garden (backing onto the Guarded Inn), some terraces form a small kitchen garden area:

Ascending the terraces leads up onto a final defensive platform area, which can be used to spot oncoming undesirables and if necessary, fire arrows from in order to defend the butte:

Above this platform can be seen a colony of apes, enjoying the fruits growing on tree branches at the very top of the butte:

Returning to the Guarded Inn, from the adjacent defensive passageway runs some further stairs, which lead down into the Lounge and Library area. This makes a perfect day room to relax in, and includes a fireplace and chimney (the chimneystack is shared with the Guarded Inn directly above), seating and a bookcase:


The bookcase, in the Lounge and Library area, holds a secret… as a last resort during any potential invasion from enemies, here is a secret escape route. The bookcase sides back, revealing a secret entrance into the river tunnel which runs through the butte. Escaping through this route means a quick escape could be made via a raft on the river, should a complete evacuation be required and an escape in order to prevent capture by the invaders. For the human, the bookcase may be slid backwards and forwards using a small tile projecting out from the side of the model:


Another staircase leads further downwards from the Lounge and Library area and into the Hidden Settlement’s Dormitory. Deep down inside the butte and away from the noises of everyday life, this is certainly a good place to get a good sleep, on one of the luxurious beds, and perhaps a little personal space where the inhabitants can keep things in locked chests:

For ease of access to the human, both the Lounge and Library area and the Dormitory can be accessed via a hinged wall that opens out from the model:


On the outside of the model, are entrances to two caves. The first one is partially obscured by leaves (perhaps another “false entrance”) and is inhabited by a bat, giant spider and venomous snake. Not a pleasant place to be:


The second cave reaches down to the water table and is sometimes used as a safe place to store the settlement’s inhabitant’s raft:

Furthermore, the whole model is designed in two halves, which can be opened up via hinges to reveal many more access points for the human. As seen below, this feature gives access to the hidden entrance corridor and stairwell, the bottom of the well (in case anything is dropped down it!), the camouflaged outer defensive passageway, inside the treasury, inside the Guarded Inn and its adjacent passageway, and the area around the top of the well:

Other things to look out for in the model include a colony of red parrots living on the side of the butte, a dead parrot (“Norwegian Blue” and tribute to Monty Python’s famous Dead Parrot Sketch), a rat coming out of a hole by the river and finally, (hidden inside the model), a female ghost figure - that of Isabella de Legofort, who was crushed by falling rocks during early construction of the settlement):


The final image here shows the Hidden Settlement as seen from above:

© January, 2021

Note that the Hidden Settlement model design shown here, in its entirety or in part, is copyrighted and therefore no permission is granted to reproduce it for commercial or any other purposes(s).

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