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The images on this webpage are from a recent MOC (My Own Creation) idea for a LEGO model, built using the free Lego Digital Designer software. This MOC is a model Auto Museum. The building shown has a main atrium and three exhibition halls focusing on 1) Pre-Minifigure vehicles, 2) (normally) 4-stud wide vehicles of the minifigure era (1978 to around 2001), and 3) (normally) 6-stud wide vehicles of the minifigure era (around 2001 to present). Note, at the time of writing (2020), it seems that a new era of modular road plates is to begin within the history of LEGO. The museum includes 4 roof plates that can be easily lifted off to see the three exhibition halls and the atrium, which includes a ticket/information desk at one end and a café at the other. The vehicles were constructed as close to a selection of original LEGO models as possible, using contemporary parts and these models are listed at the bottom of the page:

LEGO Sets Vehicle Models Based On:

Year / Set Number / Set Name


1963 315-3 European Taxi
1984 6694 Car with Camper

Exhibition Hall 1

1965 319 Truck with Trailer
1968 330-3 Jeep
1970 602-2 Legoland Fire Truck
1971 363-2 Antique Car
1972 379-2 Car and Caravan
1973 688 Shell Tank Truck
1975 694 Transport Truck
1976 385-1 Offroad Jeep with Trailer
1977 619 Rally Car

Exhibition Hall 2

1978 600-2 Police Car
1979 646-1 Auto Service Truck
1980 6627 Convertible
1982 6653 Highway Maintenance Truck
1983 6623 Police Car
1985 6633 Family Car
1987 6501 Sport Convertible
1988 6503 Sprint Racer
1989 6506 Precinct Cruiser
1992 6351 Surf 'n' Sail Camper
1993 1991 Racing Pickup
1994 6514 Trail Ranger
1995 6535 Dumper
1996 6518 Baja Buggy

Exhibition Hall 3

2003 7032 Highway Patrol and Undercover Van (Highway Patrol Only)
2007 7991 Recycle Truck
2008 7236-2 Police Car
2009 8402 Sports Car
2009 7630 Front-End Loader
2009 7635 4wd with Horse Trailer

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Note that the museum building model design shown here, in its entirety or in part, is copyrighted and therefore no permission is granted to reproduce it for commercial or any other purposes(s).

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