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ŽižkovTelevision Tower 


Žižkov District, Prague, Czech Republic 


216 m (709 ft) 


1985 - 1992 


Václav Aulický/Jiří Kozák 

Notes on Visits: 

A unique and controversial radio tower easily accessed from the city centre by metro. The tower caused consternation both architecturally and in functionality (its requirement as a bona fide transmission tower or simply to jam the airwaves to block the likes of Radio Free Europe). The views are across the whole of the city, although it is not very close to the old town. Worth a visit if you have that 'extra-bit' of time on your hands and like me are at times attracted away from the tourist traps. On both visits in the 90's, there weren't too many other people around and the admission price was relatively inexpensive. 

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