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Grūtas Park

Grūtas Park (unofficially known as Stalin's World) is located near the popular resort of Druskininkai, about 120km southwest of Vilnius, Lithuania. It is a unique exhibition containing monuments from the Soviet era that were taken down during 1989-1991 from all of the towns and cities in Lithuania. It is an unusual sight to see - a collection of about 100 statues of an ideological nature which were created by many different sculptors. The idols and symbols forced upon the Lithuanian people during the Soviet period reveal a historical truth about the occupation of Lithuania. The park was Founded in 2001 by entrepreneur Viliumas Malinauskas. Its establishment faced criticism, and its existence is still controversial. The sculptures are set amongst various artefacts, such as goon towers, and may be seen close up as you walk along well laid-out paths in a beautiful wooded parkland. There are also some museum and gallery exhibitions showcasing all manner of paraphernalia that symbolises everything Soviet. Other similar parks include Memento Park in Budapest, Hungary and Fallen Monument Park - in Moscow (mentioned on my Moscow page HERE). I have many photos of the statues at Grūtas Park further to those below and may therefore be adding a more extensive photo gallery here in due course.

Below is a panoramic stitch showing some of the statues and busts in the park of Vladimir Lenin:

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