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Lego Video, April 2020

Recently, a decision was made to sort through some old boxes of Lego bricks, subsequently rebuilding old models, and repackaging the parts with a view to selling them as vintage sets. Armed with a copy of VSDC Free Video Editor, Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, and some COVID-19 lockdown time, a plan was hatched to make some sort of video using the models. After some thought, the idea came about to dismantle them brick-by-brick, taking a photo of each step, and putting the images into time-lapse video sequences. Played in reverse, the video clips would then appear as if the models were being constructed. A second brainwave came about to create some sort of storyline showing a Lego Minifigure journeying back in time to the late 1970's / early 1980's, using a "camera" to take selfies of his trip to earlier days.

The result of this was the video shown below. It includes time-lapse of some 17 models being "constructed", the 1980 12v Electric Inter-City Passenger Train, and much more. It is set to the tune Monody by TheFatRat (feat. Laura Brehm), one of many of the artist's works freely given for use with YouTube videos on the condition that he is credited, and a seemingly popular choice of tunes amongst Lego-themed YouTubers.

Credits at end of, and underneath the video.

Note: Video contains some flashing images.



Video: ©2020, Productions
Music: TheFatRat - Monody (feat. Laura Brehm)

Lego sets Featured in this Video:

Year: 1978, Set: 374 Fire Station
Year: 1978, Set: 375 Castle (Yellow Castle)
Year: 1978, Set: 377 Shell Service Station
Year: 1978, Set: 600 Police Patrol Car
Year: 1978, Set: 602 Fire Chief's Car
Year: 1978, Set: 604 Shell Service Car
Year: 1978, Set: 606 Ambulance
Year: 1978, Set: 625 Tractor (Digger)
Year: 1978, Set: 626 Red Cross Helicopter
Year: 1978, Set: 642 (Shell) Tow Truck and Car
Year: 1978, Set: 671 Shell Fuel Tanker
Year: 1979, Set: 361 Garage
Year: 1979, Set: 379 Bus Station
Year: 1979, Set: 381 Police Station
Year: 1979, Set: 383 Knight's Tournament
Year: 1979, Set: 607 Mini Loader (Digger)
Year: 1979, Set: 608 Taxi
Year: 1979, Set: 646 Auto Service Truck
Year: 1979, Set: 675 Snack Bar
Year: 1979, Set: 677 Knight's Procession
Year: 1980, Set: 1592 Town Square/Carnival - Castle Scene - UK Edition
Year: 1980, Set: 6364 Paramedic Unit (Medical Centre)
Year: 1980, Set: 6390 Main Street
Year: 1980, Set: 6609 Race Car (Beach Buggy)
Year: 1980, Set: 6627 Convertible (Black Car)
Year: 1980, Set: 6647 Highway Repair (Tractor with Trailer and Tree)
Year: 1980, Set: 7740 12v Electric Inter-City Passenger Train Set and
Year: 1983, Set: 7867 12v Train Light Posts
Year: 1980, Set: 7834 Level Crossing Manual
Year: 1981, Set: 6610 (Shell) Gas Pumps
Year: 1981, Set: 6611 Fire Chief's Car
Year: 1981, Set: 6628 Shell Tow Truck
Year: 1981, Set: 6629 Ambulance (Nurses Car)
Year: 1981, Set: 6630 Bucket Loader
Year: 1981, Set: 6650 Fire and Rescue Van
Year: 1982, Set: 6362 Post Office
Year: 1982, Set: 6651 Post Office Mail Truck
Year: 1982, Set: 6653 Highway Maintenance Truck
Year: 1983, Set: 6654 Motorcycle Transport
Year: 1983, Set: 6683 Hamburger Stand
Year: 1987, Set: 6380 Emergency Treatment Centre
Year: 1988, Set: 6349 Vacation House
Year: 1990, Set: 6592 Vacation Hideaway

Supplementary sets Featured in this Video:

Year: 1980, Set: 6305 Trees and Flowers
Year: 1982, Set: 6302 Minifigure Set
Year: 1978, Set: 300 T-Junction Road Plates (2x)
Year: 1978, Set: 301 Curved Road Plates (2x)
Year: 1978, Set: 302 Straight Road Plates with Crosswalk (2x)
Year: 1980, Set: 6304 Cross Roads Plates (2x)

References and Further Information

1. TheFatRat on YouTube Here
2. contains building instructions and parts inventories for each set. Another useful feature is being able to list sets containing a single type/colour of each brick/Lego piece.
3. (Let's Build it Again .com) also contains Lego building instructions listed by theme.
4. is a useful resource and includes a system to find sets and MOCs ("My Own Creation" - models designed and built by Lego fans) that can be built with the parts you already have in your Lego collection.
5. (Brick Owl) is an online Lego marketplace to buy and sell Lego parts, minifigures and sets.

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