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Timelapse Tree Video

One day in April 2019, a random decision was made to photograph a couple of trees early in the morning and continue doing this each morning for one year. With some careful adjustments for variation in camera position, the photographs were then turned into a time-lapse video using VSDC Free Video Editor software. Alongside a royalty-free piece of music, the resulting video is shown below.

The intention here is to show the two deciduous trees as they grow and shed their leaves throughout the year. As the daily photographs were taken from April 2019 to April 2020, some artistic licence was employed, shifting the photos from the first months of 2020 to the start of the video, thus creating a representation of the foliage levels from the start of the calendar year, through to New Year's Eve.

Credits underneath the video.

Note: Video contains some flashing images.



Video: ©2020, Productions
Music: c/o

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