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Welcome to Robin's Website. Its purpose is primarily for my own use, but if you see anything of interest, then please feel free to browse. The main area of my little corner of cyberspace is the Travel section and this forms a personal record of my wanderings over the years. With over fifty countries visited to date, there are a great deal of photographs and the volume of writing involved has meant little time for proof-reading; in essence this section has been and, in theory, will continue as a work-in-progress.

The Blog entries are added to very occasionally and sometimes contain links to other pages on this site, as well as external sites. The section entitled 'Stuff' contains various pages, some of which are simply to share things with my personal contacts (hence the use of logins for some pages). In producing the Favourites page, I have essentially created myself a useful homepage. Robin's Website began life as a personal training tool for learning about building websites from scratch.

Should you wish to make any comments on the content or layout, please feel free to provide feedback via the Contact Form. The photos are subject to copyright, this site is non-commercial and it is also not aimed at promoting any beliefs, political or otherwise.  For more information, please read the Disclaimer Here.

Whilst most visitors arrive via search-engines, however you actually stumbled upon my little corner of cyberspace, I hope you find it interesting and please bear in mind it is only meant for a bit of 'infotainment' and nothing serious.

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