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Lego (Page 2 of 3): Lego Castle Sets from 1986 to 1992

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The sets featured here saw a shift away from the old "yellow castle"-style to constructions using the more realistic grey and also black Lego bricks. These were primarily marketed under the Legoland brand, although the final set featured here (dating from 1992) was marketed within the "Lego System" range of sets. The set names here are as per those listed on the website and therefore the "Americanized" versions, although sets marketed under different names still retain the same set numbers for easy identification. We begin with the Guarded Inn, and like the Town Square/Carnival - Castle Scene set on Page 1, it remains one of the website author's personal favourites:

Year: 1986, Set: 6067 Guarded Inn

Year: 1986, Set: 6074 Black Falcon's Fortress

Year: 1987, Set: 6016 Knights' Arsenal

Year: 1987, Set: 6049 Viking Voyager

Year: 1987, Set: 6066 Camouflaged Outpost (Outlaws Cave)

Year: 1988, Set: 6039 Twin Arm Launcher

Year: 1988, Set: 6054 Forestmen's Hideout

Year: 1988, Set: 6085 Black Monarch's Castle

Year: 1988, Set: 6103 Castle Minifigures

Year: 1989, Set: 6077 Forestmen's River Fortress

Year: 1990, Set: 6018 Battle Dragon

Year: 1990, Set: 6034 Black Monarch's Ghost

Year: 1990, Set: 6042 Dungeon Hunters

Year: 1990, Set: 6059 Knight's Stronghold

Year: 1990, Set: 6081 King's Mountain Fortress

Year: 1992, Set: 6075 Wolfpack Tower

Useful Links

1. contains building instructions and parts inventories for each set. Another useful feature is being able to list sets containing a single type/colour of each brick/Lego piece.

2. (Let's Build it Again .com) also contains Lego building instructions listed by theme.

3. is a useful resource and includes a system to find sets and MOCs ("My Own Creation" - models designed and built by Lego fans) that can be built with the parts you already have in your Lego collection.

4. (Brick Owl) is an online Lego marketplace to buy and sell Lego parts, minifigures and sets.

5. going for 20+ years now, this is the world's largest online marketplace to buy and sell Lego parts, Minifigs and sets, both new or used.

6. Catalogues on - Scans of UK, US and European catalogues from 1966 onwards.


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